5 Characteristics Of The Best Golf Courses In The Algarve

Portugal is one of the prime golfing destinations in Europe. This is due to the fact that not only are golfing holidays to the country cost-effective, Portugal is blessed with excellent weather. This is some of the reasons why golfers continue to flock to the country from all over Europe and the United States, especially to the Algarve region. But what can you expect when playing here?

Natural beauty

Before we start with anything golf related, the first thing you will notice about the courses in Portugal ar etheir sheer beauty, especially in the Algarve region. A case in point, the magnificent panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean from the 7th hole at Boavista or the incredible vistas around the 9-hole Pines Cliff course. Your jaw will continue to drop as you see one incredible view after the next.

Course variety

The Algarve is blessed with a true variety of golf courses. Many are found on the coast as well as slightly inland and come in a variety of layouts, including 9 and 18-hole. Of course, for those wanting a challenge, there are a number of links styled courses such as the Praia course, part of the Palmares resort. Inland, courses such as Espiche offer a completely different experience with an undulating layout.

Varied weather conditions

Golf courses in the Algarve can offer a range of weather conditions. The sun loves to shine in this region, especially during summer and that can make a round of golf fairly taxing, especially without golf carts and if you are a little unfit. Also bear in mind, when playing along the coast, the wind can blow quite strongly, but all in all, this makes things a bit more of a challenge, always something a competitive golfer looks for.

Pro help

Many of the golf courses in the Algarve have a resident pro to help or provide golf lessons should you need it. Although many golfers choose not to go this route on holiday, it never hurts to spend some time with the course pro, especially to pick up some tips about the course and what to expect.

Incredible facilities and hospitality

Algarve is home to some of the finest golfing resorts in Europe. They include anything a golfer can wish for, while your family needs are catered for as well. The hospitality and food on offer are second to none. Don’t party too much, however, you will ruin your round the next day!

If you have never had a golfing experience in the Algarve, you should seriously consider it. It is one of the finest places to play golf on the planet.

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