Chipping Distance Control Techniques From The Pros

The best way to chip is explained

There is one golden rule of chipping- you must fly the golf ball to the minimum height and roll it to the maximum. If you keep this in mind, you must know that there are different ratios for air time and ground time for different shots taken with diverse clubs. You need to precisely select your clubs. You can hit a chip shot with a 3- iron or a sand wedge considering the situation. However, you need to mull over the following things before you choose your clubs for chipping:

  • If you chip using a pitching wedge, your ball would fly half of the distance of the hole, then it will roll for the another half.

  • If you chip using the 8-iron, your ball would fly for on-third of distance of the hole and then, it will roll the remaining two- thirds.

  • If you chip using a 6-iron, your ball would fly for one- fourth of the distance and then, it will roll for the remaining three- fourths.

These formulas are formed on the basis of normal paced green, which is generally not found on golf course. Therefore, if you are heading uphill, you would be required to notch up one club and vice versa for downhill. If your green is fast, the golf club should be notched down one point and if the green is slow, you are required to notch up one point.

If the shot length and cup position allows, try to land your ball about 3-4 feet onto putting surface, and allow the ball to roll for the remaining way. In the position of address for the chip shot, your weight is on your front foot, ball is positioned in the center of your feet, and your hands are a little ahead of the ball.

It is important to ensure that your left wrist should not break down while you chip. In case your wrist breaks down, there will be two things that can happen:

  1. Your club’s loft will change and so does the trajectory, which affects the ball rolling. This results in unpredictable results.
  2. Your arm also breaks down, which causes bladed shots. These shots are not considered good on the greens.

In order to ensure that these things do not happen, you need to try to keep the arm straight and the wrist firm while you take the shot.

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