Detailed Guidance and Advice on Clubs for Golf Amateurs

As an amateur, you might be facing difficulties at being consistent on hitting the golf ball. A major reason for inconsistency is that you might not be having the right set of golf clubs with you. Your golf clubs should match your skills and perk up your game. It is very frustrating to choose from hundreds of golf clubs kept at the stores. If you know what to look for, it becomes easy to buy the right clubs.

Before you buy

You might be having some golfer friends who do not mind lending you their golf clubs for a couple of days. This will give you an idea how actual clubs feel like and what kind of clubs feel good in your hands. You can also ask them to accompany you when you plan to buy your own set of clubs.

Buy half set

Golf shops keep half set of golf clubs for beginners. This includes five irons- six, four, eight, sand iron and pitching wedge; five and three putter and wood. You will not find a driver and four, three and two irons- they are certainly hard for amateurs to hit. The half sets are simpler to use and cost less. You can develop a good swing with these clubs.

Try the clubs

Buy your clubs from a huge sporting equipment store if they provide an indoor driving range. You can test your clubs at their place before you buy. If you go to a pro shop, you can also try your clubs at the driving range. While you can definitely save money by purchasing your clubs online, but it is not a good idea for amateur players. They might not return the clubs if you do not like them.

Perimeter weighted golf clubs

They are a kind of clubs that have their weight distributed more uniformly around the club unlike the weight being concentrated at the center of clubface. Perimeter weighted golf clubs are better for amateurs. You might find them more expensive, but can save money by purchasing graphite shafts. They are light in weight

Grip of the club

The grip of the club must be in good form, in case you are not buying used clubs. If it is not so, you can get it done from a store. Just ensure that the size of the grip is what you want.

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