Golf Posture: Fundamental Instruction For Dummies

Every game involves technique. If you are required to make any movements at all then those movements must be correct. In the game of golf the movement involves a backswing and follow through. In order to hit the ball consistently you must develop and consistent swing and that can only be done by getting the basics of your stance in place. As you then begin to hit the ball you then have the best change of your moving arms, legs, hips, shoulders and arms working together in the single aim of striking the ball well.

Even seasoned professionals are constantly asking their caddies about the position of the ball in their stance because that will affect how they will hit the ball. They understand the fundamentals of creating the correct angles in the body. Obviously golfers come in all shapes and sizes so inevitably swings can look different but they should all start by creating the correct angles. Knees are slightly bent but not so the back. Even though new golfers may feel they are stooping over the ball, if they have listened to good advice they will not be doing that. It is a matter of getting balanced so that the body can rotate. It is the body that does the real work with the arms, and hence the hands and club responding to the shoulders and hips which must be properly aligned in the stance.

In every sport there is the right way to do things and the wrong; improvisation accepted. In golf it is not a good idea to have to improvise because some part of the body is not doing its job properly so another may need to compensate. That is no way to achieve consistency. Without consistency few people can expect to score well on a regular basis.

The beginning is important in every golf shot. While putting may be a routine of its own, if you are starting out to play golf and want to improve then concentrate on your posture so that your body will regard it as natural:

  • Flex your knees an=d maintain that same flex through your swing.
  • You should ensure you are properly balanced as you first address the ball. You will be transferring your weight through the shot.
  • If your body weight is pressing down on the arches of your feet you will not be far away.
  • Your spine will tilt forward so that your sternum points to the ball.

Master the posture and work on your rotation; two real secrets to successful golf.

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