All You Need To Know About Basic Golf Training Tools

Golfers want to improve their game fast and that’s only possible if they practice long and hard. An expert or coach, always by their side, can correct minor errors the players commit during practice. This will allow players to learn quickly and improve their game significantly. But, it’s not possible to have a coach with you all the time. The next best thing to an instructor is the use of golf training tools or aids. With help of training tools, golfers can improve every aspect of their game, be it putting, pitching, drive play, bunker play, mental game, or the overall fitness. Here are some basic training tools every golfer must use.

Rukk Net

Work, family, and other obligations make it hard for any golfer to visit the local golf club or driving range. For the busy bodies, Rukk Net is a blessing. The Rukk Net is a pop-up practice net which you can use even at home to practice golf swings. In seconds, you can pop open the net and start swinging. No matter how hard you hit, the double barrier net made of durable material will prevent the ball from tearing through the net.

EDGE Putting Mirror from Eyeline

Do you know that nearly half of the shots in a round of golf are played inside the green with a putter? It’s true. You can considerably improve your score just by mastering the putt play. Most training tools that are available in the market focus on hitting putts straight or any other aspect of the swing. Equally important is the setup for putter play. It’s futile to expect the ball to travel straight with an incorrect stance and setup. Place the ball near the putting mirror; you’ll clearly see your setup – shoulders, grip, wrists, hands, face, and eyes. Use the various lines on the mirror to align yourself properly with the ball.

Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

Analyzing is the key to improvement and you don’t have to depend on an expert to analyze your swing and suggest adjustments. There is a simple yet amazing tool called Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer that can give a detailed take on every facet of the swing. You don’t have to use a specially made club or attach any hardware to it. The tool comprises of a smartphone app and a small, weightless sensor, that’s to be attached to your glove. When you swing the club, the sensors collect numerous data and transfer it to the app via Bluetooth. The app will interpret the data and provide details of the backswing position, tempo, swing plane, club speed, etc.

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