A Comprehensive Guide On Where To Buy Wedges For Cheap

When it comes to your short game, one club that is of particular importance is your trusty wedge. More often than not, you will cycle between your sand and pitching wedge depending on your lie and where you are playing from on the course.

There are numerous other types that you can experiment with, however. These include the gap wedge and the lob wedge. No matter which wedge is your favorite, like most golf equipment, this range of clubs can be quite expensive. So where is the best place to find them for cheap?

Local pawnshop

If you don’t drop into your local pawnshop looking for golf clubs from time to time, you may be missing out on some gems. Often, pawnshop owners might not realize how good some the clubs they have actually are, so if you are wanting to replace a wedge, visiting your pawnshop should be your first port of call. The other thing about a pawnshop is that you can haggle to get the price lower!

Your local club

Your local club is another great place to source second-hand clubs. First start with the noticeboard to see what people are selling. Often, when people upgrade their clubs, this is the first place they will come to try and sell their older equipment. If you don’t have any luck there, always speak to the club secretary as they might know which club member to put you into contact with.


Make use of second hand selling sites on the internet, for example, Craig’s List or Gumtree. Here you can find a load of second hand golfing equipment for sale including wedges. Again, you are able to haggle a price as well. Don’t just pay the amount straight out. Often this is one of the best ways to find a bargain, it might just sometimes take a little bit of patience and searching.

Your local pro shop

Now although your local pro shop normally sells brand new clubs, they will sell second-hand equipment on behalf of other golfers. More often than not however, you are not going to find just a single club here but you may get lucky. Your other alternative is to wait for the pro shop to have a sale, either on a particular brand of golfing equipment or on certain types of clubs such as wedges. With some patience, you may be able to get a real bargain.

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