Holidays For Golfers: How To Plan Your Dream Vacation

Golfers don't do vacations like normal people. None of this lounging by the pool and reading a book or lying on the beach all day topping up your tan. Relaxing all day would seem pedestrian to the average golfer - they need to be out challenging themselves on the course. With these different needs in mind, this article will help you plan your dream golfing vacation.

Establishing Criteria

As the old saying goes: "fail to prepare and prepare to fail". Getting the details of your golf holiday straight before going can mean the difference between coming home with the smile on your face or arriving back with horror stories about how you just had the worst trip of your life.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and brainstorm answers to the following questions:

  • Who is going?
  • Are you going with the lads/lasses (which could mean more alcohol and debauchery) or is this going to be a family getaway?

  • How long are you going for?
  • Many golf vacations can be as short as a quick weekend away while others can consists of 14 days at a luxury resort.

  • Where do you want to go?
  • The golf courses of Britain might have the history, the Middle East is booming as a golf destination and Portugal and Spain are endlessly popular. Consider factors such as travel time and the current season at your chosen destination.

  • How much golf do you want to play?
  • If you are a golf nut then you might want to play 36 holes a day, every day. If golf will take a back seat to relaxing on this trip then you might be happy with only playing one round every other day.

  • What other things do you want to do?
  • Even the golf-obsessed need to take their mind off the game sometimes so you will want to plan some extra-curricular activities. Wine tasting in Portugal? A visit to Universal Studios in Orlando? A balance of golf and fun is the path to enjoying your holiday.

  • What is the level of your game?
  • If you struggle to carry the ball over 200 yards off the tee and the only way you can get your ball out of a bunker is by throwing it out, then don't book tee times at the toughest championship course you can find. Honestly asses your level, take a look at your handicap and choose a course that is more forgiving.

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