Short Game Basics Each Golf Beginner Should Keep In Mind

Short game improvement is important when playing bunkers or around the green. It can also help to lower scores. There are aspects of short game that can get challenging and frustrating. The key is to think about strategies and how to approach the shot to the best of your ability. As you learn the basics you can start to see improvement in how plays are executed. Choose an area to work on in your strategy and consider making changes to your setup. Here are other points to help beginners understand the basics of short game.

  • Practice mechanics of chipping including feel and distance. Chipping can help in different plays throughout the golf course. In this case it helps to learn different ways you can practice the skill to understand personal strengths and weaknesses. As you practice focus on feel and distance. Such aspects will make it easier to adapt other changes necessary to improve overall short game play.
  • Focus on being able to hit straightforward. Hitting straightforward includes understanding swing path and target line. Think about the distance between the ball and its target. Work on getting yourself in line with the target so when you swing your clubhead will stay in line with the target in a forward motion.
  • Make adjustments to your setup and swing technique. This is another aspect that may need to be improved or tweaked every so often. Before taking your shot consider making practice swings to look at your swing technique and how to setup for the shot.
  • Use chipping drills to help you practice. There are a few chipping drills worth considering that helps emphasis certain elements of chipping. You can do a few drills at home in the backyard or on the driving range. Try to change up drills you do to get better insight on how to make plays on the course.
  • Work on visualization and using your imagination. This can also have something to do with knowing how to read the ball and its path. This is more than just visualizing yourself making the shot. You should think about all aspects of the shot and what needs to happen in order to get a positive outcome. As you use your imagination read the greens to get an idea of how the ball will move. Then work to make the goal a reality.

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