Dummies' Guide To Buying Quality Golf Clothes

So you just starting out in the game of golf. Well, other than your obvious equipment needs, golfers need to look stylish, while wearing practical clothes. And then there are the demands of the various club courses where you will play, especially when it comes to attire. Let’s take a closer look.

Know the basics

Before starting out and filling your golfing wardrobe, take some time to understand the standard dress for the sport.

  • Golf tops
  • Please don’t wear a t-shirt! Classic golf or polo shirts are perhaps the most favored by golfers the world over. The great thing is that you probably already have a few of these in your collection.

  • Golf pants
  • No, no, no! Take off those jeans! Generally, the favored form of pants is classic slacks. If you have a pair of khaki long pants, these will suffice for your first round, but they really don’t allow the range of movement you want. If you have to wear jeans, you can. Don’t be expected to be seen as anything more than a weekend hacker, however. Jeans allow the least movement as well, greatly impairing a proper golf swing. If it is warm, you may wear shorts, but they must end above the knee and not below.

Take individual course dress codes into account

When playing at a course you have never visited before, take account of their dress code. Most are similar, yet there might be subtle changes here and there. For this reason, do some research beforehand. The following rules generally apply, however.

  • Golf tops should have a collar (for both men and women)

  • Some courses do not allow short sleeve shirts

  • Sweatshirts, t-shirts, tube or halter tops are generally banned

  • Shorts may not be acceptable

  • If shorts are accepted, they must be above the knee

  • Shorts, particularly in ladies, may not be too short either

  • Jeans are often not allowed

  • Cut off shorts, baggy shorts, athletic shorts and sweatpants are generally banned as well.

Must-have accessories

In golf, there are a number of must-have accessories that form part of your apparel. This includes:

  • Peak cap, sun visor – essential for keeping the sun out of your eyes. Sunglasses – not used by everyone, but a great way to deal with either a setting or rising sun, especially if you play early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

  • Gloves are used to help keep a grip on the handle of your golf club. Often, golfers only use one on their dominant hand, but if you do have a problem with sweaty palms, consider using two.

  • Regular socks are fine, but if you suffer from sweaty feet, consider socks that wick perspiration away.

  • Shoes – when starting out, tennis shoes are for beginners. As you progress and improve, golf cleats will give you the necessary traction on any surface you may have to play off.

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