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18 May 2011

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19 September 2011

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The Scottish Deaf Golf Association [SDGA] is the governing body for amatuer golf in Scotland representing deaf and hard of hearing golfers.

The SDGA aims to promote, encourage and provide training & support for participation in golfing activities by deaf, profoundly deaf and hearing impaired persons. For the purposes of advancing participation in golf among the Deaf Community, the SDGA usually organises annual competitions and events so that its members can enjoy the sport and enhance their knowledge of all matters relating to golf.

The SDGA is a non-profit making organisation, and also is a registered charity number SC039108 in Scotland.

This site provides information online for members of SDGA and visitors. The SDGA continues to keep you up-to-date with latest details within competition and fundraising events.

The SDGA welcome you to browse this site.