Clever Ideas For Those Who Are Looking For Portugal Tee Times

Even the most ardent golf player would not want to pay a lot for tee time reservation. There are ways one can save some cash on the tee times. Spend less and play more is the mantra of this article. We’ll share with you a few ideas on how to look for affordable Portugal tee times.

Last-Minute Booking

Let’s begin with a somewhat debatable idea. It’s believed golf courses, even the premium ones, find themselves with tee time slots that have gone unsold till the last moment. To clear the unsold slots they offer them at concessional rates. Golfers wanting to play at premium courses at discount rates can take a risk and wait till the last-minute to bag these deals. There are a number of last-minute tee-time booking websites online. A simple search will give you a long list of sites. After some research, you can choose a website, visit the portal, enter the golf course name and location, and search for last-minute tee time deals.

Ballot Booking

Some golf courses conduct ballots to allot tee times to golfers. Most Championship Courses allocate nearly half of their tee times through this method. Those aspiring to play are required to register via phone, online, or by visiting the course in person. The courses set certain minimum requirements to participate in the ballot. Golfers are also required to share their handicap details. After the ballot, the results are usually published online.

Twilight Booking

The twilight session is standard practice in most golf clubs in Portugal. The twilight slots usually begin afternoon, mostly after 3pm, but sometimes even after 1pm. These afternoon tee time slots are cheaper than the regular rates. Golfers can expect the rates to be slashed more than 60% during summer when the afternoons are hot. If you are sure of finishing a round of golf before the sun sets and don’t mind the hot weather, then the twilight package is the one for you.

Package Booking

Some golf courses and resorts offer both ‘stay and play’ deals to tourists. If flight tickets and other details of the golf vacation are taken care of, then holidaymakers can buy the combo package from either the resort or golf course.

Winter tee time package is another great way to play on premium golf courses and also save some money. We’re not suggesting you play in totally unfavorable weather conditions. In fact, Portugal is blessed with sunny weather almost throughout the year. In winter, the days are mild and golfers will have a wonderful time on the course.

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